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Cabin Update: 3 More Logs

3 logs

When I blogged last May about the initial cabin build, we thought we were done with logs for a while. But in August as we ordered roof trusses, it was clear we needed the heights of our two cabins to meet. So we raised the smaller one up another 3 logs. (Really 12 since we had to do that on all four walls. Well actually it was maybe 10 since you’re offset on two sides. I can’t remember.)

Well things come in 3s I’ve heard. So this past weekend, we put up a few more logs, three to be exact. Here’s the story.

My amazing hubby (that’s him in the torn sweat shirt high up on the scaffolding)
dave scaffolding

found some really great old style belt and pulley architectural fans. They’re just beautiful and we think they’ll go well in the vaulted ceiling of the newer section, while providing some old world charm. I love the marketing in the catalog they sent us:

“Not only do the actual fans contain the proper proportions and line but also the parallel belting lines create a visual connection. When motion is added the result is a whimsical, visual, kinetic symphony.”

Okay they had me at whimsical. We’re leaning towards The Ostrich fan design.

The challenge was we had to figure out how we could attach said fans in the ceiling, offset by can lights, in the right proportion to belt lengths and ensure the 5 foot fan radius didn’t hit walls, heads, etc. We need them at equal heights and hooked to something aesthetically pleasing. Dave suggested we use some of the extra logs.

So Dad made a fake fan and did an initial layout.
fake fan

Then it was to our scrap pile of logs to find just the right logs.
log pile

We found three that would work great and one that we could cut for our mantle on the fireplace. After some powerwashing, it was time to figure out how to get these dudes up in the air. We couldn’t use the nice boom lift we used on the outside build. So this time it was all ropes and muscle power.

dad log

We took them each up through the loft and then used the scaffolding for the two that were in the open vault area. The result you can see above.

What’s great about these 3 strategically placed logs is that they provide the right blend from old to new. Around them will be all drywall and we struggled with how to connect the feel from log cabin to new construction. These logs and those belt and pulley fans will provide just the bridge.

So for now, we’re done with logs. For now…