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nic bath

Second kids really do get the shaft. Hand-me-downs, less pictures and videos, and apparently less blog posts. I realized this recently when I noticed I didn’t do a birthday blog post for my Nicholas when he turned 4. So he’ll have to settle for a 4-and-a-half blog post.

The title of this post is my nickname for Nicholas. Not sure where it even came from. But it just seems right.

Nicholas is all boy. He told me the other day “mom, remember when I was a baby, I liked cars? Well now I like trucks.” He likes anything with wheels. He is tough on toys. He thinks even if he throws a toy down and it breaks that I can magically fix it with new batteries ;-) . He loves remote control vehicles and has requested a remote control monster truck for Christmas.

nic horsing around

That’s Nic dancing like a horse by our mirror. Nicholas has always liked music and dancing. He prefers rock-and-roll. His favorite song is Sting’s Roxanne. Although a close second is “Another One Bites the Dust.” It came on in the car once and he wouldn’t let me change the station. He also made up his own “jelly belly” dance once. You know, how your body feels when it’s had a jelly belly!

His favorite Saturday-morning cartoon is Scooby Doo. I have heard him say to his brother: “Hey Fred, you may be on to something.”

Nic is curious about life. Currently he asks what words mean and where they come from. “Why is it called a road?” “Why don’t motorcycles have seatbelts?” He also has deep thoughts. Recently he asked if God was real or pretend. His daycare teacher said she was tapping her foot one day and he looked up in the sky and said “God, is that you?”

His language is very interactive and funny. He starts most comments with “did-ja-know?” and ends them with “right mommy?” I can’t multitask when he’s telling me a story. He demands full attention!

He recently busted his father. Nicholas was riding in the car with me and said “idiot.” I told him we don’t talk like that. And he said “but that’s what daddy called a lady in a white car the other day.”

He loves playing any kind of ball but also combines baseball and basketball into “base-k-ball.” He is a little pirate right now – wearing an eye patch for a couple hours a day to strengthen his other eye. He was jumping for buried treasure like a pirate this summer in the pool, completely fearless.

The other day he said “mom, let’s pretend i didn’t growed up.” I said “let’s” with a very big smile. He then asked for a laundry basket and blankets and curled up like an infant.

nic laundry basket

Bedtime thoughts are his best. “Mommy, do you know why I give kisses first and hugs second?” …“well, because hugs last longer.”

nic black and white dancing

Above he dances with his favorite shirt on. We got it at a garage sale so he calls it his sale shirt. It says “worth my weight in gold.” Yes, you are Nic-a-lock-a-loke-a.

Here’s hoping your little bear hugs keep lasting longer…


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  1. Precious, Dora. Just precious.